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Bergamot Mint Essential Oil (Mentha citrata) from the USA is Conventionally Cultivated Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the plant. It is not related to the better-known Bergamot Essential Oil which is extracted from the rind of the Bergamot Orange. It is emotionally uplifting and soothes the nervous system. The oil also helps to ease nausea and calms feelings of anxiety and stress. The fragrance is uplifting, clean and refreshing. It is also great for hot flashes during menopause. Bergamot Mint is perfect in massage oils. It brings an antispasmodic and calming effect with a lovely aroma!


Primary Benefits Summary

  • Boosts Nervous and Immune Systems
  • Emotionally uplifting, and calming 
  • Great for digestion, and helps to ease nausea 
  • Assists the respiratory system in relieving congestion 


Bergamot Mint Essential Oil blends nicely with Lavender, Sage, Bergamot, Petitgrain, Sandalwood, Neroli, and Roman Chamomile.

Bergamot Mint (Mentha citrata)

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