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Yes, Essential Oils can be used by kids as well as adults! These blends are expertly crafted and diluted for child safety. Check out these all natural solutions to common ailments that affect every day life of little ones! 

All blends should be applied to wrists, feet, and back of neck as needed. 

Get Focused - to help with the school day, or homework time

Get Sleepy - to ensure a good night’s rest 

Get Well - to boost immunity when “under the weather” 

Get Purified - to fight germs and boost immunity (pre-sickness) 

Get Belly Ease - to help rid belly aches. (This blend can be applied directly to the tummy) 

Get Head Ease - to help relieve headaches and congestion. (This blend can be applied to the temples)

Kids Essential Kit

$72.00 Regular Price
$50.40Sale Price

Memorial Day Sale

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