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Primary Benefits Summary
Promotes clear, healthy skin
Helps calm nerves, lessen stress, and release negativity
Promotes healthy hair

Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium roseum) is 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil steam distilled from the leaves flowers. With its beautiful, heavy sweet aroma and of rose, French Rose Geranium Essential Oil is a premium choice among the different categories of “Geranium” essential oil available on the market. Our Rose Geranium essential oil – France is steamed distilled in small quantities to produce the best we have seen yet. It's traditionally used for healthy skin (repair or rejuvenation). Geranium is widely known for its emotional support. It commonly promotes tranquilty and a decrease in stress, especially in regards to releasing negative emotions, and is great for tension and overall well-being.

Rose Geranium blends nicely with Sweet Orange and Lavender.

Rose Geranium France (Pelargonium roseum)

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$30.80Sale Price
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